Upcoming classes

My classes are available to host. If you have the space for minimum of 5 students locally (NY-NJ) or 

minimum of 15 for long distance locations, and would like to host one or more of my classes, please e-mail me to get more detailed information.



E-mail me for more info at: marzipan.doll@live.com

Basics of human face sculpting

-In this 4 hr class we will learn the basics of realistic human face sculpting, a little bit of artist anatomy, gender, aging, ethnicity and expressions..

Sculpting in the 1:3 scale over a simple skull created out of styrofoam, we will build up a human face using modeling chocolate. I will give you pointers that will allow you to sculpt more successfully in the future.

I will give you tips on different mediums you will want to use, and on coloring your face.

All supplies provided by instructor as well as student booklet.

Bring a small box to take project home.

Class time: 3 hrs

Fee: $150/student

All payments are final and non-refundable.

Email me at marzipan.doll@live.com


                                     THE KOI

This is a new class to satisfy many requests.  An old class coming back, made bigger and better.

In this class we will use modeling chocolate and fondant to create a fully edible  3D Koi fish, we will texture it, airbrush and hand paint it to create movement. You will learn techniques that can be applied to various themes and projects, so it will be useful even if you will never make a fish.

I recommend this class for all levels that need some guidance with layering colors, mixing airbrushing and hand painting, working with mixed mediums.

-Bring  an 8” cake board covered in fondant, and a box to take your project home .

-Instructor will provide all other supplies

Class time: 3 hrs

Fee: $180

               Basics of Full Human figure sculpting

-In this class we will learn how to create a large figurine that you can customize to your customer’s request. We will talk about the armature materials that are safe but sturdy enough to use in cake decorating. We will make the armature pose it, as well as build up a proportional body using modeling chocolate. In this class we will use a mold to make the face (Come to my face class to learn free hand face sculpting!) in the 1:6 scale. Your figure will be about 10-12" tall.

I will provide all supplies also your face mold to keep. In addition I will have different faces for purchase. (These face molds are made by me from my original clay sculptures.)

I will also give you tips on how to dress the figures in thin fondant details, and how to color  the face.

All supplies provided by instructor. Bring small box for your project!

You will leave with your figure, a mold, and student handbook.

Class time: 5 hrs

Fee : $200

All payments are final and non-refundable.


            Advanced Mold Making Class

In this class we will talk about all 3 silicones Makeyourownmolds has to offer.

(plastique, spread and copyflex) we will discuss which kind is most suitable for certain projects. We will learn how to mold most objects even living things. We will learn about two part molds, split molds, press molds, and multi cavity molds. Positioning  objects for best molding, prep sensitive materials, and how to make a mold of an object that silicone doesn't naturally cure over.

This class is designed for the food artist but useful for all crafts such as soap or candle making.  You will leave with a couple of cool (silicone plastiqe) molds and the knowledge of make many more!

All supplies provided by instructor.

Class time: 4 hrs

Fee: $220

The Multi medium topper class

(Clay, modeling chocolate, fondant...)

In this class we will learn about the different size and medium toppers. We will learn about the internal structure and armature from edible to non-edible.  I will teach you some basic and new ideas to make the right topper for your costumer, edible or keepsake. We will discuss the use of RKT, styro, wires of different kinds, fondant, modeling chocolate, and non-toxic clay. I will introduce you to safe clay work as a new possibility to offer unique customized figurines to your customers.

All supplies provided by instructor. Bring a small box  for your project.

You will leave with 3 small figurines and your class booklet.

Class time: 6 hrs

Fee: $250

(Class projects subject to change)


Coming soon!!!