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E-mail me for more info at: marzipan.doll@live.com

-In this class we will talk about the importance of the human anatomy in order to  start sculpting realistic looking faces.

We will crate a larger modeling chocolate head over a craved styrofoam base (1:3), discuss expressions, age, ethnic differences.

We will talk about sculpting for likeness and coloring the faces.

-I will provide photo references and descriptions of our class, modeling material,  some tools, styrofoam, small dowels, shortening

-You will need your favorite modeling tools. A box to take your project home in.


This is a 5 hr class / $150 per student

Email me at marzipan.doll@live.com

Sculpting realistic face

                               Statue of Liberty

Brand new class alert!

In this class we will create a large modeling chocolate sculpture of

the Statue of Liberty right before Independence Day!

The statue itself is about 14” tall so we will call it a 1:6 scale.

We will create a wire armature, and build the Green Lady entirely from modeling chocolate. Don’t miss the fun!

Time and place of this class TBD. Look for updates!


Mold Making Class

Details TBT

Character  sculpting

1:2 scale bust character sculpting class. All details TBT

                                     THE KOI

This is a brand new class to satisfy many requests. An old class coming back, made bigger and better.

In this class we will use modeling chocolate and fondant to create a fully edible Koi fish, we will airbrush and hand paint it to give it texture and movement. I recommend this class for all levels that need some guidance with layering colors, mixing airbrushing and hand painting, working with mixed mediums. These methods then can be used in many other projects.

More info on this class TBT

My classes are available to host. If you have the space for minimum of 5 students and would like to host one or more of my classes, please e-mail me to get more detailed information.